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Abu was designed and built in 1931 by the legendary Johan Anker, multiple Olympic medallist and designer of some of the most successful Six-Metre boats in the world. Abu won the Gold Cup in 1931 and again a year later – one of the very few boats to have won this prestigious trophy twice and a testament to the brilliance of her lines.

She has recently undergone an extremely thorough rebuild programme involving many hours of painstaking hard work, thought and love. As a result of this restoration, she is in absolutely immaculate condition and a real credit to her restoration team.

Abu received significant improvements to her already impressive racing pedigree during 2021/2022. These upgrades included a thorough refit and overhaul, during which she was structurally reinforced with a titanium skeleton frame and internal winch frames. These enhancements not only bolstered her structural integrity but also enabled her to harness the forces generated by modern rig and sail materials with greater efficiency. Additionally, upgraded electronics and monitoring systems were installed, providing real-time data on sail performance. This information can be accessed both onboard and from the accompanying Protector coach-boat, ensuring optimal performance and safety on the water.

She trained and raced throughout the 2023 season, where she demonstrated her thoroughbred status and provided a fitting tribute to her designer.  Always at the front of the fleet, Abu has won many races and collected numerous awards along the way, including the “Cocours d’Elegance” award for the standout beautiful boat (jointly with Sivervingen!) at the Hamble Classic Week regatta.

Race results 2023

  • RTYC Spring Regatta –1st
  • British Six Open regatta –1st
  • Hamble Classics 2023 –2nd (Silvervingen 1st)
  • Cowes Classic Week 2023 –2nd (Silvervingen 1st)
  • 6mR World Championships 2023 – 10th overall
Johan Anker
Sail Number
Classic 6 metre yacht
Charter cost
£4,500.00 / day

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